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The Wild Network is a collaboration of organisations committed to tackling the issues raised in the film. We exist to champion and support connection with nature and wildness in children and young people.

If you're an organisation working with wildness, the outdoors, outdoor play, outdoor education, or nature re­connection and want to get involved then please join us on the journey

Latest Wild Network News

Camp Bestival - Help us bring queues to the woods again

Last summer we worked with Camp Bestival to bring Wild Time to their festival, by bringing a whole load of you wild people together to turn Camp Bestival Wild.

It is fair to say that we had a blast and it was so successful that we even had queues for the woods!

In fact it was so successful, that this year the

Why bother with all this nature stuff, mum? Really, though…

A query that dampens the spirit of even the hardiest of nature-loving, or nature-employed folk. And being one of both, I wasn’t entirely delighted with the question. But it’s a valid ask, and one that has been posed by several times recently, by adults, as well as, this time, by my deep-thinking 10-year-old. And it needs answering. A quick shrug

Re-wilding Childhood: The Next Phase of our Mission

It’s now 18 months since Project Wild Thing was released and The Wild Network was born...

Back then we started our journey to grow a networked, inter-connected and cross-functional group of people and organisations passionate about re-connecting children with nature and being outdoors.

Together, we have come a long way. We have achieved a scale that relative to our size and funding