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Start Something Beautiful

Make a memory this long Easter weekend and start something beautiful by getting involved in National Gardening Week.

We all know the tale of Jack and his magic beans; but what about magic seeds?

Sarah Cathcart - Head of Education and Learning at Royal Horticultural Society- suggests sparking your child’s interests, excitement and curiosity in the outdoors, with something as small as

Time poor parents losing precious hours they want to spend with their kids

What did you do with your kids this weekend? It was a beautiful two days. How much time did you spend together?

New research published this week suggests that parents’ busy lives are getting in the way of their spending quality time with their kids – and they, the parents, are getting upset about it.

A study of over a

Guest blog: getting wild in the garden with kids

To mark the start of National Gardening Week, which starts this week, Lorna Fox of the Centre for Wildlife Gardening in South London writes about having a #wildtime in your garden…

‘Eugh! Look at that! What’s that?’, ‘Argh! It’s a worm!’ and ‘Mud, mud! It’s dirty!’ are common sentences heard often when introducing wildlife gardening and the natural world to children.

Guest blog: ever had a Huck Finn day?

Mark Yearwood, director of the Canadian Kids in the Woods initiative, asks when you last had a Huck Finn day...

When I was boy I used to play outside. This is a rather unremarkable statement, until you take a look outside where you live and notice what you aren’t seeing—children. You will certainly find plenty of kids in their team

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