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~ Guest blog, by James Harding-Morris, RSPB

There are people in the world who feel ‘connected’ with nature and, when questioned about where this feeling originated, the vast proportion respond that their feeling of connectedness and integration with the world developed in childhoood. In childhood, people are most open and receptive to learning and understanding about the world.

Clearly, then, this is

Film screening - Jonathan Dimbleby chairs a heated debate

Guest blog, by Laura Hetherington

Growing up in a small working-class village community in rural Derbyshire I took for granted the immense adventure playground on my doorstep: the woods I roamed with my sister, the fields in which we picked armfuls of buttercups and looked for toads, the hedges we made our dens, the stream we damned in so many

Beach Schools South West got outdoors for Empty Classroom Day - EVERY DAY!

Guest blog, by Alexis Bowater

Well, summer’s finally arrived and here at Beach Schools South West we are looking forward to a packed season of getting children out of the classroom and onto the beach. That’s right:

we teach on the beach!

Our work ties in with OFSTED outdoor learning best practice and is all curriculum-linked so children are learning to learn while

Thank you.

Thank you.

To the 550 of you who have responded to the membership survey over the last couple of weeks, a massive thank you for taking the time to respond and giving your feedback. The response has quite literally been overwhelming. For a movement in the precious early stages of growth like ours, every little bit of feedback is vital. We’re

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