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Celebrate The Hedgehog!

Apparently Hedgehog numbers are on the increase, Wooohooo!! Celebrate the hearty spirit of the little guys from Saturday 26 April to 18 May with the folk in Ross-on-Wye.

If you're looking for a way to have some #wildtime why not join the Herefordshire market town as they revive their historical links, interest and support for the hedgehog.

The team will be inspiring

Dangerous dens and the rise of the ASBO

‘Parents’ fury after young girls who built den during holidays moved on by police who checked if they had Asbos’, ran the Daily Mail’s headline on Monday. Below it, a picture of a woodland den poking out between trees.

(You can also check out the story in the Mirror and Northern Echo)

The group of teenagers had headed to Warkworth Woods

Countryfile Editor, Fergus Collins reveals who sparked his love of nature

When I was 8, my godmother and aunt, with whom I'd spend two weeks every summer holiday, gave me a tiny telescope and the Observer's Book of British Birds. And then she took me out for a walk into the gentle Somerset countryside to see what we could see.

I am forever grateful to her. Within hours I was a fledging

Start Something Beautiful

Make a memory this long Easter weekend and start something beautiful by getting involved in National Gardening Week.

We all know the tale of Jack and his magic beans; but what about magic seeds?

Sarah Cathcart - Head of Education and Learning at Royal Horticultural Society- suggests sparking your child’s interests, excitement and curiosity in the outdoors, with something as small as

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