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Swap Some Screen Time for WildTime

Wild Time is what we call time spent outside.

It’s free time to be spontaneous, for exploring, playing, imagining and creating.

There’s no plugs outside . And you won’t need batteries.

But we promise you’ll find a deeper connection.

It’s also free

No cash is really needed.

Wild Time is great for building confidence, creativity and independence.

It’s also healthy, good for the mind and the body.

And there’s also lots of other life out there to discover and connect with. If you just look up, listen and start to notice.

Wild Time can be taken on any doorstep, anywhere from the middle of the city to the remotest rural countryside.

There’s all kinds of Wild Times to be had, from a few minutes to hours and days.

You can search the Wild Times here for ideas or share your own ideas to help others.

Keep it Wild.

Why not give the gift of Wild Time?

We know that what makes kids really happy is to play outside, with their parents, relatives and friends

So if you’re looking for a gift of some sort for a child, why not download our Wild Time gift voucher, its free, it won't clutter your house and it doesn't need batteries.

But it means you pledging Wild Time to your child to spend time playing outside together with them…

Benefits may include: independence, empathy, positive mental and physical health, creativity, happiness, curiosity and good sleep…

What‘s not to like!

Download the voucher here,

And if you're stuck for things to do outside, download our free Wild Time App for hundreds of fun ideas to keep you entertained and help re-connect you with nature

Download the app for iOS or Android.

Latest Wild Time Ideas

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Citizen Science Participation

There are many citizen science projects available for novice participants of all ages. This is a great way to

Submitted by Deanna Fahey

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Pond dipping

Get a suitable net and a pond that preferable has a dipping platform. Very carefully put your net into

Submitted by Froglife

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Reptile Rummages

You get outside and rummage around under logs, stones and other refugia to find reptiles. Look in cracks of

Submitted by Froglife

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Teddy Bears Build a Den

This afternoon we 'll be having a gathering at the woods -the focus is a teddy bear picnic under a

Submitted by Keynsham Caterpillars

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Bring back Nightingales to the BBC

Get the BBC to restart its lost tradition of broadcasting the live song of Nightingales on the night of 18th

Submitted by Chris Rose

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Visit the Fairy Fair

On May 25th or 26th visit the Fairy Fair in North Norfolk - dozens of outdoor activities such as making

Submitted by Fairyland Trust

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