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The Wild Network is a collaboration of organisations committed to tackling the issues raised in the film. We exist to champion and support connection with nature and wildness in children and young people.

If you're an organisation working with wildness, the outdoors, outdoor play, outdoor education, or nature re­connection and want to get involved then please join us on the journey

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A million people can't be wrong- sharing the parkrun passion

I think I should start this little blog by introducing myself to The Wild Network community!

My name is Chrissie Wellington and I’m best known for doing a little bit of ironman triathlon which basically means I warmed up with a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 mile bike ride before the all-important task of running a marathon. I

The Marketing Director of Nature goes on tour

Summer is flying by, and while it’s been busy trying on costumes of rain and sun, we’ve been planning a Project Wild Thing tour. David Bond will be travelling around the world (well, to the US and Australia) in the coming weeks for some exciting Project Wild Thing events and screenings.

His trip down under begins on 22nd August, and

Where have all the wild things gone?

At the end of the year we will be publishing the story behind Project Wild Thing; the story behind why it matters that our children are becoming more and more disconnected from the natural world.

We want you to help tell that story.

We’re looking for the parents’ view of why children are becoming less wild.

Who’s to blame? Parents? Cars? Or