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The Wild Network is a collaboration of organisations committed to tackling the issues raised in the film. We exist to champion and support connection with nature and wildness in children and young people.

If you're an organisation working with wildness, the outdoors, outdoor play, outdoor education, or nature re­connection and want to get involved then please join us on the journey

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Project Wild Thing storms Canada!

Project Wild Thing's first trip to Canada has been a great success and provided lots of wild opportunities for Ashley and David, who kicked off their trip with the Canadian film premiere at Marda Loop Justice Film Festival in Calgary. The screening went really well, with over 170 people turning up to watch the film. It was followed by a

SOMERSET WILDLIFE TRUST Column 2014/3: Young people

What’s your first memory of nature? Feeding the ducks in the park, perhaps;

exploring a rockpool on a summer holiday; skipping through piles of leaves in

an autumn wood; building a snowman? Whatever it is, the chances are that

as you recall it now, it reminds you of a happy, carefree childhood.

Many of us have kept our love of nature

Greetings Fellow Wild Things

We’re on a mission to make towns across the country go wild! We reckon that our town, like many throughout the land, has an array of hidden wild gems; underused woodlands and meadows, right within the urban sprawl. You’ll find a few kids in the designated play areas, but rarely do you find these fledgling humanoids in the wild spaces.