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The Wild Network is a collaboration of organisations committed to tackling the issues raised in the film. We exist to champion and support connection with nature and wildness in children and young people.

If you're an organisation working with wildness, the outdoors, outdoor play, outdoor education, or nature re­connection and want to get involved then please join us on the journey

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Outdoor Sport and Recreation- The Debate Plays On...

Wednesday saw MPs gather to debate the Government’s policy on outdoor sport and recreation. Taking place in the grand surroundings of Committee Corridor, with windows framing views of the Thames, MPs from all parties and all parts of the country recounted their experiences of the outdoors, and urged the Government to do more to encourage people to get outside.


Nature Connection Will Be the Next Big Human Trend

Nature writer, author and poet, Daniel Crockett writes about nature connection and our societies urgent need to get re-connected.

"Something is amiss and we can't quite put our finger on what. It seems that the further our society progresses, the more disenfranchised we feel. The hyper-connectivity of social media (which has its own potential) leaves us cold and over-informed, saturated with

Biophilia and the concept of A Heraclitean Motion

Edward Wilson, an eminent Biologist, coined the phrase Biophilia and advocated a Biophilia Hypothesis. In his book Biophilia (2003), Wilson describes a ‘Siamese connection’ with nature and other species, without which we will not attain, or maintain good mental wellness.

Think about it…do you enjoy the company of animals or perhaps prefer to climb a mountain? Do you wonder in awe