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Camp Bestival - Help us bring queues to the woods again

Last summer we worked with Camp Bestival to bring Wild Time to their festival, by bringing a whole load of you wild people together to turn Camp Bestival Wild.

It is fair to say that we had a blast and it was so successful that we even had queues for the woods!

In fact it was so successful, that this year the

Why bother with all this nature stuff, mum? Really, though…

A query that dampens the spirit of even the hardiest of nature-loving, or nature-employed folk. And being one of both, I wasn’t entirely delighted with the question. But it’s a valid ask, and one that has been posed by several times recently, by adults, as well as, this time, by my deep-thinking 10-year-old. And it needs answering. A quick shrug

Re-wilding Childhood: The Next Phase of our Mission

It’s now 18 months since Project Wild Thing was released and The Wild Network was born...

Back then we started our journey to grow a networked, inter-connected and cross-functional group of people and organisations passionate about re-connecting children with nature and being outdoors.

Together, we have come a long way. We have achieved a scale that relative to our size and funding

A is for Acorn, not for attachment - SIGN OUR PETITION

Sometimes something happens that brings to life perfectly the issues we're facing that are causing our children to lose their connection to nature.

You may have read about the removal of around 50 nature words from the Oxford Junior Dictionary. They were replaced by newer words, more 'up-to-date' words. Blackberry replaced blackberry. Acorns and Ivy are out, flip-charts and spreadsheets

MARK'S BLOG - Putting the Network into the Wild

Last week I blogged about how we might put the 'Wild' in the Wild Network, this week I'm focussed on the 'Network' bit.

One of the things that Project Wild Thing clearly shows is that there is no single issue causing our kids disconnection from nature. It is a whole heap of overlapping, complex interactions all contributing to the impact.

Your 2015 WILDTIME calendar!

Here it is!

We're happy to announce the birth of the 2015 Wildtime Calendar which we've developed in partnership with our friends at RSPB and National Trust.

If you are looking for wildtime inspiration for you and your kids? This is your go-to place! We've got 10,455 Wild Things in our network so we know there is plenty of wild life and

FAQ - How can I get involved?

Hello wild things!

A question we often get asked at The Wild Network is 'how can I get involved?' It’s so encouraging and exciting to see how many people are concerned about the issues raised in ‘Project Wild Thing’ and how many want to Take Action.

Our core opportunity as a movement lies in our ability to come together as a

MARK'S BLOG - In pursuit of everyday Wild Time

We had a board meeting last week. It was fine, I mean it was better than fine, we’ve got a highly engaged board, we achieved loads and got through a whole heap of tough decisions to help us move forward. But afterwards I felt tired, yearning for space to defragment and re-focus.

So I cleared my diary the next morning

GUEST BLOG - National Nest Box Week!

We love birds. We think we need more birds, birdsong and we definitely need more birdstep.

Our featured February event is National Nest Box Week organised by the British Trust for Ornithology and you can find out more about it here:

To get you in the mood the lovely people at Sykes Cottages have teamed up with North Wales Wildlife

We're on Instagram!

Hello wild things

That feeling that you walk towards a stunning sunrise, got lost in those magical woods or got inspired by a child showing you their homemade mud pie. The feeling that it was so picture-perfect that you'd love to share it...

Yes, we're on instagram!

For everything wild in the daily life of the The Wild Network team follow

Birdgirl's Big Garden Birdwatch

© Oliver Edwards Photography

The annual RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch is an hour snap shot survey of garden birds that people to take part in across the country. It can be done anytime over the coming weekend, 24th or 25th January 2015 and all you have to do is register online.

The Big Garden Birdwatch is brilliant for lots

Why our youngest blogger Zach is looking forward to the Big Garden Birdwatch

Hi everyone,

Well it’s almost time for the Big Garden Birdwatch, the first big bird event of the year for me. It’s a great event and really easy for everyone to do. It doesn’t matter about the weather or having good telescopes or binoculars. All you really need is a window, a notebook (or checklist from the Royal Society for the

Two thirds of parents have outdoor play concerns

"A family playing at a wild play day in the New Forest in August 2014, which was attended by over 400 parents and children".

Almost two thirds of parents based in and around the New Forest have concerns about letting their children play outdoors, a survey suggests.

Parents cited safety concerns, especially ‘stranger danger’, as the main reason for not allowing their

My Wild Winter

Photo credit "Children in the snow by Sadie McGlone"

Those who welcome winter in festive spirits – the excitement of mince pies, get-togethers and opening presents - might be missing a trick, and those who dread the loss of lighter evenings and warmer weather won’t truly have experienced a ‘wild winter’. Now is the time to change this.


Seasonal Wild Greetings

It is the time of the year when Autumn's mellow fruitfulness gives way to Winter's stillness and reflection or as it sometimes feels, the headlong hurtle towards the Christmas finishing post.

It's been quite a journey for me since starting in October. As well as laying the foundations for The Wild Network to ensure we have a positive and impactful