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We're on the hunt for awesome people. Part 1.

Community and Content Manager

This is an exciting time for The Wild Network as we grow our movement. Since October 2013, we have grown our community to 1,700 organisations and 10,000 individuals all committed to tackling the barriers preventing children from outdoor play, learning and nature connection. As we move into our next phase of growth, we’re looking for a Community

We're on the hunt for awesome people. Part 2.

Strategy and Insight Manager

We're looking for a brilliant thinker and do'er who can be part of our small team and help take us forward to the next level of growth and to increase our impact.

This is an exciting time for the organisation as we grow our movement. Since October 2013, we have grown our community to 1,700 organisations and 10,000

Seasonal Wild Greetings

It is the time of the year when Autumn's mellow fruitfulness gives way to Winter's stillness and reflection or as it sometimes feels, the headlong hurtle towards the Christmas finishing post.

It's been quite a journey for me since starting in October. As well as laying the foundations for The Wild Network to ensure we have a positive and impactful

Birdgirl asks Primary Schools to complete survey on Forest Schools

I think it is really important that children have the opportunity to enjoy nature, so that they care about saving the environment, our natural habitats and the wildlife in them. If you have no experience of something, how can you care about saving it?

In Stephen Moss’s 2013 Natural Childhood Report for the National Trust, he talked

about the lack

Project Wild Thing at Camp Bestival 2015

After such a wild, roaring success this year (there were queues to get amongst the forest fun!), Project Wild Thing and partners from The Wild Network will be heading back deep to the heart of a magical, lush forest at Camp Bestival from July 30 to August 2, 2015 at Lulworth Castle. There are opportunities for additional Wild Network partners

Why we should make London a National Park

Earlier in the year I walked from Kings Wood in Croydon to High Barnet. The purpose of my walk was to celebrate London Tree Week by crossing the city from South to North while remaining under as much canopy cover as I could. With over 8 million trees across 65,000 woodlands, London is the world's largest urban forest and trekking

Project Wild Thing storms Canada!

Project Wild Thing's first trip to Canada has been a great success and provided lots of wild opportunities for Ashley and David, who kicked off their trip with the Canadian film premiere at Marda Loop Justice Film Festival in Calgary. The screening went really well, with over 170 people turning up to watch the film. It was followed by a

SOMERSET WILDLIFE TRUST Column 2014/3: Young people

What’s your first memory of nature? Feeding the ducks in the park, perhaps;

exploring a rockpool on a summer holiday; skipping through piles of leaves in

an autumn wood; building a snowman? Whatever it is, the chances are that

as you recall it now, it reminds you of a happy, carefree childhood.

Many of us have kept our love of nature

Greetings Fellow Wild Things

We’re on a mission to make towns across the country go wild! We reckon that our town, like many throughout the land, has an array of hidden wild gems; underused woodlands and meadows, right within the urban sprawl. You’ll find a few kids in the designated play areas, but rarely do you find these fledgling humanoids in the wild spaces.


A word from Mark, Director of The Wild Network

It has been quite a month as we plot the next steps for The Wild Network. My

favourite bit has been speaking with so many of you doing amazing things all

over the country reconnecting our kids with nature and getting them playing

wild and free. I guess it could be easy to get bogged down in the complexity

Hi, I'm Mark

Well, what a moment. I'm really excited to able to say I have been given the opportunity to take The Wild Network forward as Director, I can't wait to get stuck in. I want to thank David, The Green Lions, the founder members of the network and everyone involved in creating and starting this movement. My aim now is to

Octavia Hill Awards- Wild Organisation Winners

Wild Organisation Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

“Tower Hamlets is a borough of extremes – immense wealth and immense poverty, the green agenda can get pushed out,” says Ken Greenway, manager of

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, the only woodland park in the borough.

“The park is unique to the lives of children who only know busy roads and cramped housing.”

Octavia Hill Awards- Volunteer Wild Hero

Volunteer Wild Hero: Julie Merrett RSPB Avalon Marshes

Spend a day on the Somerset Levels with Julie Merrett and you won’t just be building random dens, but fox dens, otter holts, badger setts. “Badger dens are

quite complicated,” she says, “they have lots of rooms.” Or you might be playing a cryptic identification game, following clues left on fence and finger posts

Octavia Hill Awards- Professional Wild Hero

The Octavia Hill Awards, named after one of the founders of the National Trust are a celebration of those who devote their lives to protecting green spaces for wildlife and local communities.

Run jointly by BBC Countryfile Magazine, the National Trust and the Wild Network, the awards this year focused on children’s increasing disconnection with the natural world.

We wanted

Outdoor Sport and Recreation- The Debate Plays On...

Wednesday saw MPs gather to debate the Government’s policy on outdoor sport and recreation. Taking place in the grand surroundings of Committee Corridor, with windows framing views of the Thames, MPs from all parties and all parts of the country recounted their experiences of the outdoors, and urged the Government to do more to encourage people to get outside.