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A Wild Time adventure to get you active

It's sunny. Not too windy. And, gloriously, it's the start of the school holidays.

There couldn't be a much better time for a Wild Time adventure.

A new report published today by the All Party Commission on Physical Activity gives an added urgency to the need to get outdoors.

Led by former paralympian Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, the Commission calls on

Swarm Challenge 1: Hi-tech Hi-nature

On the 25/26th April we're hosting a two day creative collaboration Swarm event in Bristol - a gathering of Nature's marketing department - details here

There will be 4 main challenge areas we are hoping to develop and prototype ideas over the 2 days - here's the first.

Challenge 1 - Hi-Tech Hi-Nature

Whatever you make of screens and technology, the rise

Hatching a Wild Summer

In the last few months we’ve grown to a community of thousands of people and organisations. Many of us have been inspired by the brilliant Project Wild Thing film and, clearly, we all believe in building a future where hanging out in nature and roaming outdoors is valued at least as much as technology and getting ahead.

But we’re only just

Picks of the week - read, watch, do

All the best things in life come in threes - so take a look at our picks of the week to watch, read and do...

Something to watch…

It’s eight years Sir Ken Robinson’s influential TED talk on creativity in education.

The True Volunteer Foundation have recently published a fascinating blog about how to cultivate creativity. Read it here.

If it’s interesting

Picks of the week - read, watch, do

It's the start of the week. You're on the commute home and bored of avoiding catching the eye of everyone else on the too--crowded train. Have a look at our picks of the week instead....

Something to read

When was the last time you went on a 400 mile cycling trip in search of fossils and adventure?

That's what Sir David Attenborough

Help us break down the barriers

We’ve got a vision for how the world should be. It’s one where kids can roam free, play wild and connect with nature. One where kids can seek inventiveness in the wildness and find imagination in the woods.

But across the UK kids are becoming more and more disconnected from nature.

Time spent playing outdoors has halved in a generation.

Guest blog: making playgrounds exciting

Michael Hoenigmann, Chairman of the Association of Play Industries, explains why playgrounds offer a special invitation to play.

Playgrounds have come a long way since the swing-slide-roundabout combination of the 1970s. API members install 4,000 play spaces every year which is great news for children’s well-being. But we can’t be apathetic. While schools, local authorities, parish councils, house

Breaking down barriers - learning

Learning about - and in - nature is good for people and good for the environment. Study after study shows that learning outside the classroom can help boost academic performance, improve pupil wellbeing and behaviour.

Children want more learning in nature. Last year Playforce found that 74% of children feel that the outdoor environment is not used enough by teachers

Guest post: friending fresh air - connecting kids to nature in the digital age

Connect kids to nature with tech, writes Suzanne Welch of the RSPB. This post originally appeared on the RSPB Learning blog.

An interesting report by the National Wildlife Foundation (NWF), entitled ‘Friending Fresh Air: Connecting Kids to Nature in the Digital Age’ was sent to me this week. It gives an informative and optimistic view of ‘technology alongside nature’ in

3 things you need to see this week

Finally! For a moment over the weekend the sun came out, it stopped raining for a bit and suddenly everything now seems a bit better.

Things are about to get even better. We've trawled the internet for some things to do, read and watch that we think you'll enjoy....

1.Get wild for half term!

It's half term/mid-term (in England and Northern

Love Wild

Snow on the ground, pork scratchings in the bag for later and friends behind the camera....

Why David Bond loves #wildtime

Get Out There - and make the most of the great outdoors

The weekend. Two days to make the most of free time to spend with your family and forget about the stresses of the week. Need some inspiration for this weekend coming? How about choosing from one of the two options below.

Option A) The crackle and spark of a roaring fire, the feel of bracing fresh air in your lungs and

Some things we like this week

Really bored on the commute home? Check out some of the things we like this week...

1.Jumping in puddles

It's raining. Still. In fact, it's been so wet we had to go out and buy new wellies.

Speaking of wellies, we're quite envious of this family who - inspired after watching Project Wild Thing - made a video about splashing in

News time! A week of children and nature

No time for newspapers? Here are three stories that caught our eye over the past week...

1.Toddlers addicted to tech?

Are children addicted to technology? Zoe Williams asked on Saturday, in a Guardian article that profiled the work of the technology addiction clinic at a private hospital in central London.

Video games offer an opportunity to build complex worlds and interact with

MPs need wild time too

We’re re-wilding a little corner of Westminster.

Today David Bond, Marketing Director for Nature and star of Project Wild Thing, will be giving evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Commission on Physical Activity.

The Commission was established at the end of last year and tasked with finding ways to get people active.

Sponsored by (amongst others) Nike, Sustrans and the Lawn Tennis