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Wild Time for Schools - RSPB educational outreach programme

~ Guest blog, by James Harding-Morris, RSPB

There are people in the world who feel ‘connected’ with nature and, when questioned about where this feeling originated, the vast proportion respond that their feeling of connectedness and integration with the world developed in childhoood. In childhood, people are most open and receptive to learning and understanding about the world.

Clearly, then, this is

Film screening - Jonathan Dimbleby chairs a heated debate

Guest blog, by Laura Hetherington

Growing up in a small working-class village community in rural Derbyshire I took for granted the immense adventure playground on my doorstep: the woods I roamed with my sister, the fields in which we picked armfuls of buttercups and looked for toads, the hedges we made our dens, the stream we damned in so many

Beach Schools South West got outdoors for Empty Classroom Day - EVERY DAY!

Guest blog, by Alexis Bowater

Well, summer’s finally arrived and here at Beach Schools South West we are looking forward to a packed season of getting children out of the classroom and onto the beach. That’s right:

we teach on the beach!

Our work ties in with OFSTED outdoor learning best practice and is all curriculum-linked so children are learning to learn while

Thank you.

Thank you.

To the 550 of you who have responded to the membership survey over the last couple of weeks, a massive thank you for taking the time to respond and giving your feedback. The response has quite literally been overwhelming. For a movement in the precious early stages of growth like ours, every little bit of feedback is vital. We’re

Re-wild your school with Wild Time for Schools

You might already know about Empty Classroom Day, on Friday 19 June

We’re huge fans of this brilliant idea encouraging schools to get outside for the day; and to see how learning can come to life through natural environments, community engagement and participating in place-based learning itself. If you're not yet signed up - do it now here!

It is a chance

Camp Bestival - Help us bring queues to the woods again

Last summer we worked with Camp Bestival to bring Wild Time to their festival, by bringing a whole load of you wild people together to turn Camp Bestival Wild.

It is fair to say that we had a blast and it was so successful that we even had queues for the woods!

In fact it was so successful, that this year the

Why bother with all this nature stuff, mum? Really, though…

A query that dampens the spirit of even the hardiest of nature-loving, or nature-employed folk. And being one of both, I wasn’t entirely delighted with the question. But it’s a valid ask, and one that has been posed by several times recently, by adults, as well as, this time, by my deep-thinking 10-year-old. And it needs answering. A quick shrug

To do ‘the 30 days’, or ‘the 50 things’? That is the question!

Multiple campaigns for outdoor time exist this summer. We discuss why they are important and how they can all co-exist. And yes, we do have a favourite.

This summer (because it is coming, weather men and women have promised us this) we can look forward to a plethora of wild time activities and opportunities.

From national campaigns, like Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days

Nature can’t launch the Chelsea Flower Show (but numbers can).

Need a headline? You need a shocking statistic.

This week the Chelsea Flower Show opened to much ado about… paving over driveways. The show, not content with ‘just’ HM The Queen herself, nor the three generations of the British Monarchy in attendance (complete with poster-boy Harry and Zara riding a tractor) opened it’s doors with regal endorsement.

Outdoor Awesomeness: 3 things you must do before you’re 11¾

Whether or not you have your own outdoor space, sometimes you just want to run wild somewhere new...

We're the Skinny Jeans Gardeners. And we decided to hunt out somewhere to unleash our inner adventurer. We found a hidden gem, smack bang in the middle of south London. The National Trust’s Morden Hall Park was the perfect place to tick

Re-wilding Childhood: The Next Phase of our Mission

It’s now 18 months since Project Wild Thing was released and The Wild Network was born...

Back then we started our journey to grow a networked, inter-connected and cross-functional group of people and organisations passionate about re-connecting children with nature and being outdoors.

Together, we have come a long way. We have achieved a scale that relative to our size and funding

Ten super easy things to do in the rain

Wet day? Need an idea? Here's a list we made with the kids today!

1 - Go jumping in muddy puddles! You forget just how much kids love this. So simple, but such fun. All you need – kids, feet, wellies… or do you?

2 - Go for a walk in the rain in bare feet! Probably in the back

Inspired by nature

Jo Rawson, Volunteering and Community Involvement Manager, National Trust, Hardwick, shares an inspiring tale of community and play...

As a Wildlife Watch Leader it’s always wonderful to see how much enjoyment young people get from the sessions we plan for them. Whether its bird ringing, bat walking, falconry or fire lighting; it’s fantastic to see them having so much fun in

Bite an Egghead: Why I love working for The National Trust at Easter!

This weekend thousands of families will be heading outdoors, to participate in Cadbury Easter egg trails and get their egghead prize.

Lyndsey Marshall, Visitor Experience and Marketing Manager at Osterley Park and House, west London, explains what’s happening at Osterley this Easter – and why it’s good to bite an Egghead.

Two centuries ago, when Osterley House was built by famous architect,

EXCLUSIVE – Minecraft Theme Parks to Open in UK

London, England – The Wild Network, a UK-based network of organisations and individuals promoting outdoor play and access to outdoor space for children, has announced a multi-million pound partnership with computer game giant Minecraft to launch a series of Minecraft theme parks across the UK.

The parks – based on the global gaming phenomenon – will be the first of their