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Ten super easy things to do in the rain

Wet day? Need an idea? Here's a list we made with the kids today!

1 - Go jumping in muddy puddles! You forget just how much kids love this. So simple, but such fun. All you need – kids, feet, wellies… or do you?

2 - Go for a walk in the rain in bare feet! Probably in the back

Inspired by nature

Jo Rawson, Volunteering and Community Involvement Manager, National Trust, Hardwick, shares an inspiring tale of community and play...

As a Wildlife Watch Leader it’s always wonderful to see how much enjoyment young people get from the sessions we plan for them. Whether its bird ringing, bat walking, falconry or fire lighting; it’s fantastic to see them having so much fun in

Bite an Egghead: Why I love working for The National Trust at Easter!

This weekend thousands of families will be heading outdoors, to participate in Cadbury Easter egg trails and get their egghead prize.

Lyndsey Marshall, Visitor Experience and Marketing Manager at Osterley Park and House, west London, explains what’s happening at Osterley this Easter – and why it’s good to bite an Egghead.

Two centuries ago, when Osterley House was built by famous architect,

EXCLUSIVE – Minecraft Theme Parks to Open in UK

London, England – The Wild Network, a UK-based network of organisations and individuals promoting outdoor play and access to outdoor space for children, has announced a multi-million pound partnership with computer game giant Minecraft to launch a series of Minecraft theme parks across the UK.

The parks – based on the global gaming phenomenon – will be the first of their

A is for Acorn, not for attachment - SIGN OUR PETITION

Sometimes something happens that brings to life perfectly the issues we're facing that are causing our children to lose their connection to nature.

You may have read about the removal of around 50 nature words from the Oxford Junior Dictionary. They were replaced by newer words, more 'up-to-date' words. Blackberry replaced blackberry. Acorns and Ivy are out, flip-charts and spreadsheets

MARK'S BLOG - A 'screentime' lesson from an unlikely source

If I had to tell you my favourite bird I think it'd have to be the Song Thrush. At this time of year, their multi-layered, harmonious warbling lights up any park, garden or wood. It feels like they have such personality, vigour and a dash of eccentricity. What's not to love about them? Now it seems they are also good

GUEST BLOG - Wild things setting up wildlife clubs

What happens if we let our wild things decide how they should reconnect with nature on their own terms? How about if we support, then stand back and let the magic happen?

Here is one account from long-time supporter Mike Collins. Check out Mike's blog here.

At the weekend I asked my daughter how her wildlife club at school was doing. ‘Fine’

MARK'S BLOG - Putting the Network into the Wild

Last week I blogged about how we might put the 'Wild' in the Wild Network, this week I'm focussed on the 'Network' bit.

One of the things that Project Wild Thing clearly shows is that there is no single issue causing our kids disconnection from nature. It is a whole heap of overlapping, complex interactions all contributing to the impact.

Your 2015 WILDTIME calendar!

Here it is!

We're happy to announce the birth of the 2015 Wildtime Calendar which we've developed in partnership with our friends at RSPB and National Trust.

If you are looking for wildtime inspiration for you and your kids? This is your go-to place! We've got 10,455 Wild Things in our network so we know there is plenty of wild life and

FAQ - How can I get involved?

Hello wild things!

A question we often get asked at The Wild Network is 'how can I get involved?' It’s so encouraging and exciting to see how many people are concerned about the issues raised in ‘Project Wild Thing’ and how many want to Take Action.

Our core opportunity as a movement lies in our ability to come together as a

MARK'S BLOG - In pursuit of everyday Wild Time

We had a board meeting last week. It was fine, I mean it was better than fine, we’ve got a highly engaged board, we achieved loads and got through a whole heap of tough decisions to help us move forward. But afterwards I felt tired, yearning for space to defragment and re-focus.

So I cleared my diary the next morning

GUEST BLOG - National Nest Box Week!

We love birds. We think we need more birds, birdsong and we definitely need more birdstep.

Our featured February event is National Nest Box Week organised by the British Trust for Ornithology and you can find out more about it here:

To get you in the mood the lovely people at Sykes Cottages have teamed up with North Wales Wildlife

We're on Instagram!

Hello wild things

That feeling that you walk towards a stunning sunrise, got lost in those magical woods or got inspired by a child showing you their homemade mud pie. The feeling that it was so picture-perfect that you'd love to share it...

Yes, we're on instagram!

For everything wild in the daily life of the The Wild Network team follow

How to get kids excited about 'Litter Picking'

As we all know, kids are great at multi-tasking – watching TV while doing homework, talking while eating, tidying their room while playing on the game station… hmmmm, well may be not the last one!

Well, our Wildlife Watch group proved themselves to be amazing multitaskers at their January session, by litter picking whilst orienteering in Hardwick Park.

This wasn’t some mean

Birdgirl's Big Garden Birdwatch

© Oliver Edwards Photography

The annual RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch is an hour snap shot survey of garden birds that people to take part in across the country. It can be done anytime over the coming weekend, 24th or 25th January 2015 and all you have to do is register online.

The Big Garden Birdwatch is brilliant for lots