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Clukin' Good Fun

Coral Harper is the former Deputy Head of Woodstock School (a school for children with behavioural emotional and social difficulties) and the founder of plus, she just loves chickens...

Does anyone want to join the chicken club?

"38 hands flew up. Not a bad response in a school of only 41 children!

Woodstock is a great school and a very special

Feathered Friends at Hardwick Hall

The team at Hardwick Hall talk falconry, feathers and fun.

"Hardwick Wildlife Watch and Youth Ranger groups had a close encounter of the feathered kind on Sunday with a fantastic birds of prey experience courtesy of Willow Falconry.

Credit Jo Rawson

Our Wildlife Watch group meet in the morning so were first up to handle the birds. The rain was pouring down so

A Summer Guide to Foraging at the Seaside

Sophie McGovern is a wild food enthusiast and Media and Communications Assistant at the National Trust, here she talks you through her guide to sumer foraging at the sea side,

"The coast is a great place to search for wild food, so why not have a go at foraging for your supper this summer? From juice and custard to sauces and

A million people can't be wrong- sharing the parkrun passion

I think I should start this little blog by introducing myself to The Wild Network community!

My name is Chrissie Wellington and I’m best known for doing a little bit of ironman triathlon which basically means I warmed up with a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 mile bike ride before the all-important task of running a marathon. I

How Play Boosts Happiness and Confidence in Children

Sam Flatman lives with his two children in Bristol. He works at Pentagon Sport, a family-run business that has built and designed playgrounds for the last fifteen years.

"Improving play opportunities for young people is one of the most valuable ways that an adult can spend their time. A recent study by Tim Gill, titled the ‘The Play Return,’ confirms what

Green Guardians

The Wild Network is worried, our collective hands are wringing!

After the Heritage Lottery Fund warned of threats to the nation’s parks last June we blogged to add our voice to those supporting the upkeep and funding of our nation’s great green spaces and today our voice grew louder as Policy Exchange, a think-tank organisation, published their report calling council tax

The Marketing Director of Nature goes on tour

Summer is flying by, and while it’s been busy trying on costumes of rain and sun, we’ve been planning a Project Wild Thing tour. David Bond will be travelling around the world (well, to the US and Australia) in the coming weeks for some exciting Project Wild Thing events and screenings.

His trip down under begins on 22nd August, and

Human Bird Box

"For three years myself and friend Jim have pondered, sketched and cobbled together models in the hope that one day we could gaze upon a human sized bird box amongst the Scotts pines (Furu) and birch (Bjørk) of a Norwegian forest.

The cabin in question is not a large space. It measures 3m by 3m with a pitched roof and

Where have all the wild things gone?

At the end of the year we will be publishing the story behind Project Wild Thing; the story behind why it matters that our children are becoming more and more disconnected from the natural world.

We want you to help tell that story.

We’re looking for the parents’ view of why children are becoming less wild.

Who’s to blame? Parents? Cars? Or

Smiles from the Big People at Camp Bestival

A weekend wielding saws, knives, potato peelers and palm drills... yep, the Fore/adventure team were in our element at this year’s Camp Bestival!

And what a weekend and a half it was. Situated away from the festival humdrum through the mystical Dingly Dell and hosted by the lovely Project Wild Thing crew, a stable became our temporary home and the festival

A Wild Time at Camp Bestival!

When the lovely folks at Camp Bestival got in touch at the start of the year to see if we'd get involved in taking over the Dingly Dell at their festival in Dorset this year, we said yes, not really thinking about what that meant!

But the chance to bring Project Wild Thing to life in the outdoors with 10,000 kids

My Wild Summer

Emma Websdale, Communications Support Officer for The Wildlife Trust talks us through her vision of summer....and it's idyllic..

"It’s the summer holidays - that time of the year when we can all become a little bit wilder. It’s a time of connection between parents and children, sun cream and ice cream, and - just as importantly – between ourselves and nature.

5 minutes with The Big Tree Climbing Company

Two guesses as to the second organisation joining us at Camp Bestival...

(that's right.. they climb trees for a living! wow)

What were you happiest doing outdoors as a kid?

Tree Climbing of course!. I did love spending days out walking the dogs with Mum and Dad. Really good quality time spent with the family.

Why do you think reconnecting children with nature

5 minutes with Fore Adventures

Fore/adventure is coming to Camp Bestival with us so we thought we'd introduce ourselves and have a chat about what they have to offer...

What were you happiest doing outdoors as a kid?

Exploring the GREAT outdoors, anything involving the water, climbing trees or running wild in the woods, the muddier the better!

Why do you think reconnecting kids with nature is important?


Support Play? Support Play Wales!

Play Wales is the national charity for children’s play and is a founding member of The Wild Network but now they need your help to continue the fantastic work they do.

"For 15 years we have successfully campaigned for children’s play, now we find ourselves in an astonishing position where we have to campaign for Play Wales after our application for