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Party on the wild side

Ever celebrated a birthday in the woods? Jo Rawson, Volunteering and Community Involvement Manager at Hardwick, writes about a new breed of party: the Wild Birthday Party.

This month saw our first ever Wild Birthday Party at Hardwick, and it was such a fantastic success that it most certainly won’t be our last… in fact we already have another one

Walk on the Wild Side This Weekend

Get out into the countryside with your family this weekend! Whatever age your children are, drag them kicking and screaming (if need be) away from iPad, TV and the lures of the digital world.

All children and adults benefit from time spent outdoors in the fresh air. Children love exploring the natural world and finding what nature has to offer. Even

Hi, I'm Mark

Well, what a moment. I'm really excited to able to say I have been given the opportunity to take The Wild Network forward as Director, I can't wait to get stuck in. I want to thank David, The Green Lions, the founder members of the network and everyone involved in creating and starting this movement. My aim now is to

Octavia Hill Awards- Wild Organisation Winners

Wild Organisation Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

“Tower Hamlets is a borough of extremes – immense wealth and immense poverty, the green agenda can get pushed out,” says Ken Greenway, manager of

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, the only woodland park in the borough.

“The park is unique to the lives of children who only know busy roads and cramped housing.”

Octavia Hill Awards- Volunteer Wild Hero

Volunteer Wild Hero: Julie Merrett RSPB Avalon Marshes

Spend a day on the Somerset Levels with Julie Merrett and you won’t just be building random dens, but fox dens, otter holts, badger setts. “Badger dens are

quite complicated,” she says, “they have lots of rooms.” Or you might be playing a cryptic identification game, following clues left on fence and finger posts

Celebrating Carfree Day: Another way to have Wild Time in your neighbourhood!

Carfree Day is about slowing down and moving at a pace tailored to Wild Time. When we choose foot or bicycle over motorized travel kids seize the opportunity.

Perhaps on a walk to the supermarket suddenly a normal garden wall will be transformed into a balancing beam. Or time will be taken to explore a caterpillar climbing up a branch.

Octavia Hill Awards- Professional Wild Hero

The Octavia Hill Awards, named after one of the founders of the National Trust are a celebration of those who devote their lives to protecting green spaces for wildlife and local communities.

Run jointly by BBC Countryfile Magazine, the National Trust and the Wild Network, the awards this year focused on children’s increasing disconnection with the natural world.

We wanted

The outdoors?'s not for us!

The outdoors…… may be it’s for other people now…..but it’s not for us.

Why has this happened? I think it is because we have not prioritized children and understood that their physical and mental health is more important than allowing people to watch porn or drinks companies to sell sugar drinks. Think that is not the case, then think again.


Boost Wellbeing With An Autumn Walk

Autumn colour is everywhere at the moment and it creates a great backdrop for a walk, but according to colour psychologist Angela Wright, it can have a positive effect on our mental health, too.

A recent National Trust study into autumn colour, carried out as part of their Great British Walk campaign, shows that a walk this time of year

Outdoor Sport and Recreation- The Debate Plays On...

Wednesday saw MPs gather to debate the Government’s policy on outdoor sport and recreation. Taking place in the grand surroundings of Committee Corridor, with windows framing views of the Thames, MPs from all parties and all parts of the country recounted their experiences of the outdoors, and urged the Government to do more to encourage people to get outside.


Nature Connection Will Be the Next Big Human Trend

Nature writer, author and poet, Daniel Crockett writes about nature connection and our societies urgent need to get re-connected.

"Something is amiss and we can't quite put our finger on what. It seems that the further our society progresses, the more disenfranchised we feel. The hyper-connectivity of social media (which has its own potential) leaves us cold and over-informed, saturated with

Tie-Dye with nature

Anne-Celine Jaeger is an author and journalist, and the founder of the blog Real Wild One a blog about tapping into the adventurous, innocent, magical spirit in every child.

If you venture out into the woods... magical things happen. This time, our feet turned pink.


'Tis the season of the blackberry. And where there are blackberries, there is pink. Even

Biophilia and the concept of A Heraclitean Motion

Edward Wilson, an eminent Biologist, coined the phrase Biophilia and advocated a Biophilia Hypothesis. In his book Biophilia (2003), Wilson describes a ‘Siamese connection’ with nature and other species, without which we will not attain, or maintain good mental wellness.

Think about it…do you enjoy the company of animals or perhaps prefer to climb a mountain? Do you wonder in awe

Why am I angry?

I close my eyes and my other senses fill the void. I can hear the long grass moving like the seeded sea it becomes in late summer. The fizz and hiss, the shsssh of the stems as the sound moves between the heavy clacking leaves of the trees. The smell of the earth like malt loaf, sweet and dark. I

Clukin' Good Fun

Coral Harper is the former Deputy Head of Woodstock School (a school for children with behavioural emotional and social difficulties) and the founder of plus, she just loves chickens...

Does anyone want to join the chicken club?

"38 hands flew up. Not a bad response in a school of only 41 children!

Woodstock is a great school and a very special