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Why am I angry?

I close my eyes and my other senses fill the void. I can hear the long grass moving like the seeded sea it becomes in late summer. The fizz and hiss, the shsssh of the stems as the sound moves between the heavy clacking leaves of the trees. The smell of the earth like malt loaf, sweet and dark. I

Clukin' Good Fun

Coral Harper is the former Deputy Head of Woodstock School (a school for children with behavioural emotional and social difficulties) and the founder of plus, she just loves chickens...

Does anyone want to join the chicken club?

"38 hands flew up. Not a bad response in a school of only 41 children!

Woodstock is a great school and a very special

Feathered Friends at Hardwick Hall

The team at Hardwick Hall talk falconry, feathers and fun.

"Hardwick Wildlife Watch and Youth Ranger groups had a close encounter of the feathered kind on Sunday with a fantastic birds of prey experience courtesy of Willow Falconry.

Credit Jo Rawson

Our Wildlife Watch group meet in the morning so were first up to handle the birds. The rain was pouring down so

A Summer Guide to Foraging at the Seaside

Sophie McGovern is a wild food enthusiast and Media and Communications Assistant at the National Trust, here she talks you through her guide to sumer foraging at the sea side,

"The coast is a great place to search for wild food, so why not have a go at foraging for your supper this summer? From juice and custard to sauces and

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