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Wild Winter: What Animals Can You Spot?

It may be cold and raining out, but that doesn’t have to stop you from getting out there and discovering the countryside. If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise – plenty of wildlife!

Many animals will hibernate throughout the cold weather months, but not all. Here are some animals you may see, while out

Greetings Fellow Wild Things

We’re on a mission to make towns across the country go wild! We reckon that our town, like many throughout the land, has an array of hidden wild gems; underused woodlands and meadows, right within the urban sprawl. You’ll find a few kids in the designated play areas, but rarely do you find these fledgling humanoids in the wild spaces.


A message from Play Again Film - our friends in the US

It is a rare treat when we are able to collaborate with other social issue filmmakers. We are often strapped for time and funds and working hard to get our own films in front of audiences. But once in awhile we discover a complementary project, and a collision of visions occurs that deepens our contribution to the movements we are

Off we go... to Canada!

We’ve been planning excitedly for the last couple of months and finally, the time has come – this week we are heading overseas to Canada for some Project Wild Thing activity!

After touring alone for the last year, we (Ash and David) are now heading off on our first wild trip together to the land of ultimate wildlife and meter

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