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Bite an Egghead: Why I love working for The National Trust at Easter!

This weekend thousands of families will be heading outdoors, to participate in Cadbury Easter egg trails and get their egghead prize.

Lyndsey Marshall, Visitor Experience and Marketing Manager at Osterley Park and House, west London, explains what’s happening at Osterley this Easter – and why it’s good to bite an Egghead.

Two centuries ago, when Osterley House was built by famous architect,

EXCLUSIVE – Minecraft Theme Parks to Open in UK

London, England – The Wild Network, a UK-based network of organisations and individuals promoting outdoor play and access to outdoor space for children, has announced a multi-million pound partnership with computer game giant Minecraft to launch a series of Minecraft theme parks across the UK.

The parks – based on the global gaming phenomenon – will be the first of their

A is for Acorn, not for attachment - SIGN OUR PETITION

Sometimes something happens that brings to life perfectly the issues we're facing that are causing our children to lose their connection to nature.

You may have read about the removal of around 50 nature words from the Oxford Junior Dictionary. They were replaced by newer words, more 'up-to-date' words. Blackberry replaced blackberry. Acorns and Ivy are out, flip-charts and spreadsheets

GUEST BLOG - Wild things setting up wildlife clubs

What happens if we let our wild things decide how they should reconnect with nature on their own terms? How about if we support, then stand back and let the magic happen?

Here is one account from long-time supporter Mike Collins. Check out Mike's blog here.

At the weekend I asked my daughter how her wildlife club at school was doing. ‘Fine’

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