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Party on the wild side

Ever celebrated a birthday in the woods? Jo Rawson, Volunteering and Community Involvement Manager at Hardwick, writes about a new breed of party: the Wild Birthday Party.

This month saw our first ever Wild Birthday Party at Hardwick, and it was such a fantastic success that it most certainly won’t be our last… in fact we already have another one

Walk on the Wild Side This Weekend

Get out into the countryside with your family this weekend! Whatever age your children are, drag them kicking and screaming (if need be) away from iPad, TV and the lures of the digital world.

All children and adults benefit from time spent outdoors in the fresh air. Children love exploring the natural world and finding what nature has to offer. Even

Hi, I'm Mark

Well, what a moment. I'm really excited to able to say I have been given the opportunity to take The Wild Network forward as Director, I can't wait to get stuck in. I want to thank David, The Green Lions, the founder members of the network and everyone involved in creating and starting this movement. My aim now is to

Octavia Hill Awards- Wild Organisation Winners

Wild Organisation Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

“Tower Hamlets is a borough of extremes – immense wealth and immense poverty, the green agenda can get pushed out,” says Ken Greenway, manager of

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, the only woodland park in the borough.

“The park is unique to the lives of children who only know busy roads and cramped housing.”

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